Paperchains For KinKeeping

by Apr 7, 2020

Why A KinKeeping Chain

Building your KinKeeping network – or acknowledging, valuing and communicating with the one you already have – involves choice. It’s like adding one little extra thing in your day – so using a little symbol that makes you think of “connection” can be helpful to remind you to follow through with your choice to be a KinKeeper. Paperchains can provide you with a “cue” to stay connected!

How Can I Stay Connected With My “Kin”?

Kin equals family of all kinds. 

• Those with whom you share DNA

• Legally defined families

• Families we have chosen – the people who form our closest groups

Can I help them stay connected with others too? 

What says “connection” better than happy little links of Paperchains? Paperchains became the symbol in my heart that just said it all.

In a Paperchain, every link is important – if even one link gets weakened, damaged, or broken, the whole Paperchain suffers.

Each Paperchain is strengthened and made more beautiful by all the colors in it, all the little variations in size, shape and diversity of its links, even all the little globs of paste or glue that might show through as evidence of the hard work that went into connecting it all together.

If you thought of your life and your connections to individuals and groups as links in a paperchain – would your life paperchain be outsized, robust and richly varied — or smaller and very intentionally curated? Some of us prefer to limit our “links” – for many different reasons – but we all need SOME links to others.

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.                        Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” 

Jane Howard

KinKeeping Choices: What Can We Do?

1. We can each choose to build our own Community groups, augment our own Tribe, enlarge our own Circles by increasing our KinKeeping skills!

2. We can take care to repair damaged links when we see them, and when we have strength and energy to make those moves toward fixing breaks that may have occurred in relationships.

3. When an individual link’s bond starts to fray or show signs of inattention, it can be fixed and made stronger sometimes if we take even a small bit of intentional thought and effort to make repairs. The whole chain then benefits by the new solidarity.

4. We can link or connect whole new Paperchains into the original one, and branch outward, extending its strength and beauty – even its power to uplift!

5. We can always take time to intentionally focus on individual links that matter to us … obviously we cannot focus on everyone all the time. So we can just follow our hearts to connect with certain people at certain times …

Happy KinKeeping!

Judy Keefe


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